Photo taken by Jose Lopez at 2 Spooky 4 Me Photography

Hello! I’m Mary Cat Demond, a plus size blogger, model, and fat acceptance activist .

Ever since I was a little I have always been big. As a result, I had struggled to accept the way I look and the body I live my life in. I’ve spent years, dollars, and a frustrating amount of tears on trying to change my body in pursuit of what I thought would make me happy. Recently, I’ve realized that weight loss is not going to be what makes me happy, and that I instead need to start living the life I want to live without worrying about how big my thighs and stomach are. At the beginning of this year I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a model and have learned many things within a couple of months. This blog is not only a collection of my experiences as a plus size model, but is also a glance into body positive journey, and my work as a fat acceptance activist. I want to say welcome, and I hope my journey will help inspire you love yourself a little more.

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